Too Much of a Good Thing #2


I have been seriously Googleized. I would take a guess that just about every one of my pages is now cached on Google and many are highly ranked. I had over 150 referrers from Google yesterday alone - more than from other weblogs. I'm an "authority" on many, many topics now which is good and bad. I love the fact I'm number one for "Republicans Suck", but then there's other things that I'd rather not have anything to do with like "Work in Spain".

This is new for me. I think that maybe Stephan Smalla may have it correct that I need to create a special "Google template" for people who arrive here from a search. They may not have any idea that this site is 100% editorial. I mean, I feel sorry for the guy who's looking for "nokia 7650 null pointer" or "symbian using compiler flags" and found my site because I'm not going to provide any answers for him here.

There are lots of false leads like that... Check out my referrers page Search section for an idea of what I'm talking about. I wish all the people looking for crackz for Symbian apps would go to hell. I may have to have a special referrer page for these jerks only. In general the vast majority of people arriving here via Google are going to leave disapointed, even though in Google's eyes I am both highly linked-to and do in fact talk about these subjects, anyone looking for substantive information is in trouble.

I wonder if Google waited long enough to judged the "weblog effect" before buying Blogger?


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