Mobitopia has unfocused me. Since I lauched the site I've lost my idea of what goes where. I tried double posting but that's not helping. Mobi has gone off into its own little world and doesn't have as much analysis of mobile news as I would have liked, but is ending up for the most part just pointing out neat stuff. This just adds to the noise.

And because the site is just starting, I want to give it some focus and thus have been thinking on a daily basis for over a week "what can I post to Mobitopia today?" instead of just doing what I normally do which is just write down what I'm thinking. Premeditated blog posts normally suck. I mean, going on about how cute your cat sucks too, but there's definitely a place in the middle which is "right"

There's also a lot of work left to do for Mobitopia which I'm sort of not excited about. I need to add an about page and other features. Additionally, John is giving me some grief because my site is taking up like 10-20% of the resources on the shared server, only because of the MySQL connections so I need to do something about this as well.



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