A Bit Disappointed

To say that I wasn't a bit disappointed with the lack of comments and absolutely no links to my business ideas isn't much of a stretch. I guess I was hoping for as much input on that as I get on other issues... I'm not sure exactly why.

It could be just that they were long posts and I already know from experience that blogging long doesn't get much reaction. People rarely read the whole post. Anything longer than a few paragraphs and people just zip by it. We're all on information overload, so I can see exactly that. Or they could just suck and people were just being polite and not leaving comments telling me I'm an idiot... that usually doesn't stop many people, however. ;-)

Anyways, it was an experiment... I think the best way to get feedback on something like this is bore Jim and Erik via IM. The next step is to choose a plan and then to blog it. Whatever I do, it'll have a blog attached to it (or as to not have 1000 blogs, none which get my full attention, I'll probably post everything here).

Is it March already?


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