San Jose

Nope, I'm not talking about the city in California, I'm talking about the holiday in Spain. Today is San Jose and is the Spanish Father's Day and is a holiday here. Do you know that each day has a patron saint? In a certain epoc, children were only named after a saint and on their "saint's day" they would get a gift just like on their birthday. Today is day of San Jose.

We're going to go out for a drive and enjoy the day. I'm not sure what the temperature is out, but it's sunny and clear, which is great for a nice drive... I'll see if I can moblog it. ;-)

My parents and I decided that it was better if they didn't come for a visit today. They were supposed to leave tonight from Boston to arrive here tomorrow morning after a quick stop in Germany. Even though my parents were quite willing to go and I doubt that anything would have happened, the whole country is twitchy right now so anything could cause the "terror-level" or whatever that's called to go to Red which would stop planes, cause delays, turn flights around, etc. Who knows - we're going to war, so it just seemed like a dumb idea for my parents to try to fly, but more because they could get stuck somewhere very easily if anything happens anywhere. Can you imagine if there was a bomb threat and they were out on the tarmac? They could be stuck for hours on the plane. If something happened back home - even just a credible threat - they could be stuck here in Spain for an extended period of time which could cost a ton in hotel bills, etc. So at the end my Dad and I convinced my Mom that coming out in a month would be better.

Believe it or not, my parents got relatively cheap flights which normally don't allow changes, but Travelocity was more than willing to change their flight with no fuss. In fact, they said that the chance that flights would be cancelled when the invasion starts would be very high. Very cool of Travelocity.

However, I've already given Ana's Mom the two days off so I'm going to be hanging out with Alex those two days at home. It's going to be torture because I'm going to want to be on the computer and use the "free time", but Alex is going to want to play all day... hopefully he takes some long naps.

Okay - off to see the world.


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