Mr. Mom: Russell At Home

This would sorta suck and sorta rock if I stayed at home on a daily basis. My parents arrived here in Madrid yesterday afternoon and I've been in charge of Alex: Feeding, cleaning, changing, putting to sleep, etc. Yesterday I pretty much screwed up the whole day and as a result Alex was a nutcase for his grandparents, so today I made an extra effort to pay attention to his little routine so he'd be a little more receptive to new things and people.

So this morning I woke up at 8:30 when Ana left for work and grabbed Alex - who was already awake and yelling DADADADADA - and we went out into the living room and played for a bit (or actually, I made sure Alex didn't kill himself toddling around while I watched the news). Then at 9:00 Alex was hungry so I prepped his morning bottle and then his bathtime is at 9:30 - so I drew the bath and his clothes and his medicine (he's got an ear infection) and went through that process. Then at 10:00 he takes a nap, so I put him down and then I needed to finish cleaning the house - clean the plates, make the bed, straighten out the living room, take clothes out of the washer and put the dirty clothes in, etc. Then I needed to shit/shower/shave and get ready for my parents to arrive "any minute" I thought. They still haven't arrived - which makes sense since it's about 5 a.m. EST still and I'm sure they're dragging ass a bit.

So! Finally I've gotten a chance to make myself a cup of cafe-con-leche and sit down at my computer. Is it 11 a.m. already? I've done more this morning before Noon than I normally do all day.


I kinda like this moment though - after all this hustle, a few minutes to enjoy a coffee and browse the news. Ahhhh... I think I saw this moment once in a Nescafe commercial.


Seconds later... my parents just called and they're walking over from the hotel. Just enough time to finish my coffee and post. Ahh, no rest for the wicked.

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