Trying to get back into the Swing

Okay - I went to bed at 6:30 a.m. and now am just starting my day. Ana is out running and Alex is here being a little psycho boy: after three days of constant attention by the Grandparents he's now a little high strung. I just put him down for a late nap and that should help. And me? I'm on my computer trying to figure out where I left off.

Hmm... I'm very happy to have an almost empty email inbox. It allows me to find important stuff like the notifications that, and are all coming up again. I hate LEASING domain names, this yearly NSI tax is annoying as hell. I think I'm going to drop the simpleface domains - that idea died last year. It's funny now that MMS has brought Multimedia to the forefront in my mind again, I'm starting to regret not renewing my domain name from my 1999 company. Not really - it was never a really good name. I had great choices for domain names at the end of 1998 and I have no idea why I went with Avedia now. was available then as well and I really should have gone with that...

Domain names are pretty much an art. Each project I have in my mind deserves its own domain. Mobitopia for instance wouldn't be as cool if it was just right? But then spending money on domain names for projects that never got off the ground or died ignoble deaths is a bit demoralizing. Well, I've pretty much decided to put everything under my domain or manywhere. Mobitopia was an exception because it's a group thing and I was trying to encourage others to feel that it was not "owned" by me in particular.

Anyways, where was I?


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