kCommand: J2ME to J2EE remote commands


I got an email a few days ago from Michael Taylor director of develop{net} about kCommand - an open source J2ME/J2EE middleware product - which I thought was pretty interesting:

kCommand is an ultra-lightweight generic command architecture that provides a simple and effective mechanism for J2ME clients to execute remote commands on J2EE servers over HTTP.

For wireless applications requiring secure transmission of data across the Internet, a secure version of kCommand is also provided. This version encrypts/decrypts data using the triple DES symmetric cipher algorithm before it is passed across the network.

kCommand has been released into the J2ME development community as an open source project under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).

Encrypted messaging could be VERY useful in the future. I haven't tried it at all, but just the fact that this sort of functionality is out there and open gives me a warm fuzzy. ;-)

Thanks Michael!


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