MMS Services in the Wild


I noticed this site called WHEII the other day and have visited it every day since exploring all the kick ass links it has on it.

Check out this list of MMS services:

  • Octane Mobile the Octane MMS Suite, is a value-added service which allows network operators to profitably extend their multimedia messaging service environment (MMSE) to content partners
  • ArcSoft's mobile products enabling the creation, management and sharing of multimedia content with PDAs and smart phones
  • ucp morgen MMS Composer, MMS Abo, MMS Center and MMS Mediamanager
  • Cash-U
  • NewBay FoneBlog is a comprehensive software system that allows mobile phone users update their "blogs" by sending pictures, text and soundclips from their phone
  • Liquid Air Lab MMS Studio
  • Zellsoft MMS Solution + Zellsoft photo-album
  • 3dMe Get emotional over MMS
  • The Lycos Mobile Channel you can send multimedia messages from the web or mobile to any mobile phone or the web

Very interesting to see what's already being offered out there in the MMS space, I was particularly surprised to see Lycos' Vodafone app...


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