Plans, plans, plans

Now that I'm definitely going to Symbian Exposium at the end of April, I desperately want to have some sort of demo to show everyone when I arrive in case I have the opportunity to meet and greet someone important or even just to show off to fellow attendees.

That doesn't leave a hell of a lot of time, but since I'm already heads down on a variety of things, I should be able to come up with something. I think I've pretty much decided on an online service since that's supposedly what I have expertise in. Something with WAP2/XHMTL and MMS I think. These aren't as low hanging fruit as you'd expect since there's a lot of bugaboos to get getting an MMS service up and running, however it's a lot easier than doing anything real in C++ and Symbian right now.

Oh yeah, yesterday I talked with someone at OpenWave here in Spain and they MIGHT have some freelance work for me designing an XHTML/WAP2 demo for them, which would be very cool and look good on the ol' resume. That's another reason I want to do something with these things - to get more familiar with the tech in case it happens.

I'll keep you updated... everyone who's reading this, of course, are invited to be beta testers. ;-)


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