WOW! nntp//rss is an Amazing Piece of Work


Jason Brome emailed me a few days ago about a new release of the nntp//rss news aggregator and I just finally had a chance to try it and all I can say is WOW! It's just about perfect!

First, it now runs in your task bar, so you can use the application locally right out of the box. This is awesome and makes it as seemless to use as Radio or Ampheta right there. Secondly it uses your default news aggregator - which for most of us is included in our email client where we spend most of our day anyways. This is also kick ass. And finally, Jason implemented POSTING from your news client if your blog supports one of the Weblog APIs. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Now you can use your rich text news/email client to post to your weblog. And all of this is managed via an easy to use Web interface. This app is just REALLY well done.

The one thing I really want is the option for ALL the news to come into one folder. I know this seems disorganized, but it's all news to me. I just want to just open up my window and hit Next and go from post to post... Maybe in coming versions.

I said it when I first heard about the idea months ago and I'll say it again, this is the perfect way to organize news feeds. It's not called a News Reader for nothing.

Great Job Jason! (You gotta do something about that GPL though, ugh!)


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