Cocoon continued

Matthew Langham has some encouragement for me in my quest to conquer Cocoon:

Russell goes Cocoon: Russell is taking a look at Cocoon and finding things tough at the beginning. That, unfortunately is a problem. The learning curve is steep at the beginning - but once you get your brain around the concepts and start seeing how effective technologies such as XSLT, XSL:FO, Deli etc. are incorporated - then you'll realize where the advantages are. Stefano Mazzocchi often says: The more complicated the project - the more suited Cocoon. And especially if you are thinking of targetting mobile devices, then there is no real alternative. Also nice to see colleague Guido pointing Russell towards sunBow - our Eclipse plugin for Cocoon/XML.

The Eclipse plug-in looks fantastic. And just released two days ago, incredible. The stars are aligning I think (or crossing, I'm not sure which yet. ;-) ).


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