Alex is Sick

We were up ALL night with Alex. He's got a cough and a runny nose and is too young to figure out how to blow his nose... so this is the first night in what's going to probably be a week of REM deprivation. Every hour he'd wake up with a gurgle and cough and get scared and cry and we'd get up and help him calm down and keep him upright long enough to clear all that out (or use the mucus-sucker to help him out, but he doesn't like that much which I can understand). It was a looooong night.

Amusing story - this morning I went to the pharmacy after Ana got back with Alex from the clinic (yes, THAT clinic. Ugh.) and I had to buy some medicine for him to help him with the symptoms. So I brought in the national health insurance card and the slip from the doctor and she grabbed a bottle of cherry-stuff and said 68, which I thought was a bit expensive... but okay. So I whip out the credit card and she just looks at me and says "you don't have any change?"... oh! 68 cents! Wow. Why didn't she say the word "centimos?" I'm used to American medicine prices... 68 Euros wouldn't have phased me at all... Welcome to socialized medcine!

Okay, I should get to wor..zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


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