I Think That Someday Soon...

I had a thought.

Someday soon, people will be judged by the quality of their weblogs like the Greeks once judged a person by the quality of their oration, or in the middle ages a person was judged by their science and art and later in the 1800s by their letters.

One day someone will run for President and the issue will be whether their weblog over the years has been as high in quality as their opponents. Someday when you go somewhere to get hired, the first thing the employer will do is read your weblog to see what type of person you are and judge you by the quality of your thoughts. It's happening already I'm sure, right now my resume and my weblog are on the same site - soon they'll be on the same page.

Very soon people will come to respect weblogs as a representation of your collective knowledge, experience, interests and political stance. It will be your public face to the world where you'll want to show your best. I think we are coming quickly to a point where the quality of thoughts online in weblogs will start to affect the world around us. A world where fictional Locke and Demosthenes will be possible.

Or it could be like the Pet Rock of the 2000s... ya never know.


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