Nightmare night


I'm dragging ass this morning. I just got in and it's 11:00... Alex was NUTS last night. He couldn't sleep at all because of his cold, so every 20 minutes he would awake crying (screaming actually). From 9 p.m. until about 12:30 we tried to prop him, medicate him, sooth him, etc., but no deal. So I ended up holding him in my arms upright while he slept fitfully until about 4:30 a.m. and then just before I passed out I handed him off to Ana after he decided he was too hot and woke her up with a massive bought of wailing. Even then he still woke me up ever hour or so with a crying fit... I think I've had about 1 minute REM sleep all night.

The worst part is the vomit. Alex learned this trick a while ago that when he doesn't want a particular piece of food, he'll throw up on you to communicate exactly how little he likes it. Stop here if you're particularly weak-stomached and continue at the next paragraph. This vomiting isn't just a little spit-up, it's tummy-emptying hurl that covers you and him and everything within four feet in whatever he hasn't digested yet. He can pretty much vomit on demand now, it doesn't matter what you do to give him food or medicine. He just decides "I don't like this" and starts gagging. At first Ana and I were REALLY worried (we still are actually, it just doesn't seem NORMAL), but it's pretty obvious now that it's not some sort of reaction and he's not a sickly kid, but an actual decision on his part to vomit and we've learned how to feed him so he doesn't do it on a daily basis now. But medicine is another story. He did this not once, but TWICE last night and now we've resorted to giving him medicines etc. on an empty stomache in the bathroom where we can hold him over the tub.

This morning of course, he's fine and dandy. His grandmother arrived to take care of him and he stopped crying instantly and was happy and playing when I left (he started again just as she arrived while I was changing him and he had to be on his back so the mucus flowed in the wrong direction). Urgh.

I called Ana while walking to work and we decided we can't take him back, so I guess we're stuck with him now. This is going to be a loooong week until he gets better.


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