Living in Mobility

I've got a cold. It's my quarterly flu right on schedule. Since I've come to Europe every 3 months I get the sniffles. It sucks. What weird-ass virii do they have here anyways? Are we that isolated in the U.S.? I would've thought living in hyper-multi-cultural city like San Francisco would've innoculated me.


I'm 110% focused on mobile dev right now. There's SO much to do. I'm finally really touching the tech and not just playing, getting my hands dirty with toolkits and specs and code and its really fun.

Between Cocoon, XHTML/WAP, MMS and Jabber I am becoming One With XML.

There's no way I can implement everything I want to with my current schedule, though. Working all day then trying to go home and concentrate on stuff I really want to do while not completely ignoring my wife and child is giving me an ulcer. I've been getting about 4 hours of sleep a day for a while now since they go to be around 11 or so and that's when I can get some Quiet Time until my max limit of 4 a.m. I need at least 4 hours sleep, any less and I'm Zombie Boy. This schedule is going to kill me. You could fit a family of four in the dark spots beneath my eyes...

The worst thing is that every day I sit in work thinking, "Here I am. It's quiet. I've got this nice computer in front of me, Eclipse warmed up and a decent net connection. I could get so much DONE." That sucks. The good thing is that next week is Easter Holy Week, so I have the whole week off. I don't know how much I'll get done in the house with Ana and Alex... but at least I'll be able to focus a bit more.


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