Instant Messaging Magic!

My Trillian contact list is now BULGING with experts from the other day. I can't believe the response I've gotten and it's been fantastic. Getting help for Cocoon from the guys who have running systems, or have wrote the book, or advice from a J2ME expert (Jock) at 4:30 a.m. is exactly the sort thing I was looking for!

There was one point when I wondered what I had done when 5 or so people were saying hello at the same time, but now it's just right. And I swear people have some sort of ESP... Right I'm banging my head on specific tech or a debating a quick logo change is right when someone who can help pops up and says hello. Can't be any more perfect really.

So now it's the first day of vacation and it's starting out well. I went to bed very late last night (like 6 a.m.), but Alex woke up a little late, so Ana got up with him and gave him his breakfast and let him play for a hour or so before giving him a bath and putting him down for a nap. Then he slept for a good 2 hours and we both got up together at 12:00. That way Ana had a few hours for herself to read the Sunday paper which she didn't read yesterday, I got to sleep (SIX HOURS!) and the rugrat's happy as well to have Mom and Dad around for a change. I just made my coffee, Norah Jones is on the CD player and we're hanging out. Life is good.

I'm a bit behind on my schedule... I wanted to get the J2ME app I'm working on mostly completed this weekend, but all I got done was the interface, and now I'm battling with Jabber protocols and sockets. This could take a while. There's going to be a cut off point though so I can get into the server-side stuff w/Cocoon. I've been reading Dave's Blog and it looks like Roller supports the MetaWeblog APIs... This is VERY cool. I'll see if that stuff is checked in. It might be faster/easier to implement a layer in front of that via WAP stuff and just communicate with the server via XMLRPC. We'll see...

Okay, tons to do (those of you who've said hello know the over-ambitious workload I have...).



P.S. Marc Canter said hello and to try out Ryze. It's wild. There are people from all over saying hello already. If you're into business networking, give it a try...

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