I took a walk

It was nice. I got outside. With the fam. Saw stuff in three dimensions. It's a bit cold and windy today, so it got my blood pumping and cleared the brain a bit. We went to Starbucks where I continued my caffeine injections... there will be a point where the effect starts fade or turn, I know from experience, but right now it's still working. ;-)

Why Starbucks and not some nice little Spanish cafe? Well, since every man, woman and child in Spain smokes 4 packs of Marlboros a day, it's the only place we can go to outside of an operating room to be free of smoke. Well, even in hospitals, no smoking is really just a suggestion.

Thank god for American cultural and economic imperialism. (But not ACTUAL imperialism ... we need to get the fuck out of Iraq.)

Okay, so back to parsing XML. In one of the amazing "blogging rules" moments, Peter Millard of Jabber, Inc. pinged me via IM and gave me some incredibly valuable tips and advice. He saved me several hours of work at least. THANKS PETER!

Okay, heads down again.


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