Free Fonts for Open Source Projects


I just read on Greg's blog that there are a bunch of new FREE fonts out there for Open source.

Bitstream (major font manufacturer) in cooperation with (desktop environment for Unices that simply rule) released a beautiful font family called Vera. The fonts are as free as can be, you can even resell them as a part of your software package (you cannot sell the fonts themselves, but that's obvious). Fantastic! Kudos Bitstream/Gnome, a really good job!

Get the fonts here!

This is fantastic! I've been thinking there needs to a decent set of fonts for OSS stuff for a long while now - since before last year when I was messing with Simpleface. What would Apple be like without Helvetica, Times New Roman, Avant Guard, etc. And Windows without their knockoffs like Arial and their webfonts like Verdana and Georgia?

Presentation is 95% what newbies look for, having these good looking fonts available right out of the box is a fantastic win for the OSS community. I REALLY hope all the Linux vendors incorporate them so that there's a "unix font standard." That would be awesome.


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