This is a flag

I've moved everything over to the new server and am waiting for all the domain names to propagate... when this disappears from the home page, I'll know I'm in the right place.

Thanks to Martin who just happened to be online when I needed someone! I couldn't figure out what the HELL was going on with my POP mail and he clued me in that I needed to install the RPM. Doh! I had it in my "downloads" already too! I did all the hard work last November when I moved to JohnCompanies (who are great, by the way), and since the new server at RackShack is exactly the same OS (Redhat 7.3) it's only taken me a few hours to move everything over to the new box. The POP mail thing was starting to give me fits becuase I KNEW I had everything set up right!


Now that I've got some more room to play with, I'm going to install a public Jabber Server and the amazing nntp//rss app as well. Stay tuned.


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