Anti-American Bullshit

Hello Non-Americans,

Thanks for reading this blog, but now please take your anti-American bullshit somewhere else please. It serves no purpose here. It dawned on me this morning that this is why I'm suddenly getting a rash of shit on this blog for my opinions about Spain and other things. I'm pretty much 100% positive that my thoughts about Spanish food shouldn't generate this much antipathy towards this blog... and it ocurred to me that the reason I'm getting so much shit lately is because of the war in Iraq. Can you believe it? Giving ME shit for the war that I have vociferously ranted against several times?

I say "I don't like the food" and suddenly I'm getting all this garbage like "you typical imperialist ugly American who thinks you can change the world because you think you're better than us, I spit on you, you dog." What the fuck is that? Hey, the food sucks... add some spices is all I'm saying. Take your rage somewhere else.

I mean, really. I'm not George Fucking Bush and I don't support him either. If you've read this blog for any amount of time you know my opinions about that idiotic maniac. I don't support the war in Iraq. I am 100% opposed to it. If you're pissed off about American imperialism, go choose some other fucking blog to piss on and leave me alone because you're preaching to the choir here.

God, what ignorant assholes.

Christ, I may be blunt, but I see myself as one of the GOOD guys, not the warmongering fuckheads who like bombing innocent people in foreign lands. Do YOU support Aznar? Do YOU support Blair? Yeah, well, I don't support Bush either. I live in a Democracy (two of them actually) and used my VOTE in the U.S. as best as I could and have to live with the consequences of a flawed system like everyone else does, but THE WAR HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ME. I have done everything I can as an individual to protest it and its leaders.

If I hear the words "typical American" aimed at me one more time I'm going to go nuts. How I wish I was the typical American. Multicultural, bilingual, open to other cultures and ways of thinking, liberal, and actually have lived abroad. Yeah, I think like an American in many ways, but typical? Hardly.

Alright? Now go hit the gym or something. Go send nasty letters to your president, just stop over-reacting to my opinions.


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