Emerging Technology From Afar

From WiFi News:

Emerging Technology Conference in Santa Clara this week: I'm off to the O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in a few hours. Running Tuesday (tutorial day) to Friday, this event promises to open my eyes to lots of tech that I've heard vaguely about or not at all. The event is based on a Call For Proposal (CFP) approach in which random people submit proposals, and I (chair of the "untethered" track) and others chairs and O'Reilly folk ask folks to write up proposals on topics we think they should present on.

The result is an eclectic, sometimes focused set of subjects, many of which relate to several O'Reilly interests, like privacy, wireless, swarm, biological modeling, emergent behavior, nanotech, grass roots, etc.

I'll be reporting from the field; I'm part of a tutorial on Tuesday morning and then free to write up what I hear.

I'm a bit disappointed that the "Emerging Tech" conference doesn't seem to have much in the way of Mobile technologies, but Howard Rheingold will be speaking on Wednesday morning, so that almost makes up for it. The future, however, is Mobile.

Will there be an IRC room anyone know? I'll offer up my Jabber server which has the conference piece ready to go... The past O'Reilly conferences where the people were there giving live reports really rocked. It was great reading comments, seeing live video sometimes, etc. I hope they do that again this year.


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