Ray and Social Software

Ray Ozzie is back blogging - let's see how long it lasts this time, my patient wears thin with mock-bloggers - but more importantly he's using the term "social software".

Since this came from the man who created Groupware (though god knows if he created that term) this is very significant to me. I only came across this new term in the past week or so after reading about the Social Software Alliance who's mission, it seems (it's not very clear), is to push open standards and interoperability in the different emerging platforms for personal intercommunication.

I REALLY dig this stuff. If you peel away the layers of my techiness, you'll find this Lotus Notes core sitting at the bottom. I got indoctrinated almost 10 years ago in the three C's and these are still the things that give me a buzz: Communication, Collaboration and Coordination.

Wikis, Blogs, Forums, Instant Messaging, Syndication (RSS) - all very cool ways to interact... Every day I'm getting more and more frustrated with email. It's so closed, proprietary, unsearchable, filling with Spam, yet so vital to every day life. It's nice that we're getting close in a lot of ways to replacing it.


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