Lots to Blog About...

Okay, I get less readers on Fridays it seems, but I've got a shit load to put up online so I'm going to try to get it all out quickly. Nothing worse than having a lot to write about and a lot you're thinking about, but not being to get down to something really productive for 2 hours because you've been blogging like a maniac. I guess only other addicted bloggers would be able to relate to that, but it's true.

I want to say, first, that I can't BELIEVE the number of Google hits I'm getting lately. In the past 15 hours or so I've gotten over 150 click throughs from Google. That's 10 an hour, 1 every 6 minutes or so. It's nuts.

Hello to whoever you are who finds this post some day via Google looking for, umm, something random like "Strawberry shortcake recipes" or "Children's books for hyperactive tots" or "Dry shaving with electric nose hair clippers" or something like that. Sorry this blog has absolutely nothing of value for you.


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