Motorola Screws Its Developers At MotoCoder 2003

Amazing. Remember a couple weeks ago when I ranted about Motorola's odd attempt at building a developer community by charging $495 for the privilege of attending their MotoCoder developer conference in London where 75% of the tracts were nothing but Pro-Moto marketing? Well, at least you got a 3G phone, I thought.

Well, wrong.

I've just got an email from Anil who attended the conference and he told me that instead of giving away the cool new 3G Motorola A830, they gave instead the more basic T720i. Not that the second camera is particularly bad, but it's not a 3G phone as was promoted before the event. Motorola "had to give them to '3'" was the excuse.

What a load of crap.

If I had gone to that event, expecting to pay that ridiculous amount of money to listen to Motorola propaganda for 2 days in hopes of getting some kernel of value out of it, the MINIMUM I would want is the cutting edge 3G phone AS WAS ADVERTISED in their email about the show. What complete jerks!

Motorola, pleeeeease get your head out of your ass? Please? I'm pulling for you baby, I really am, now please stop being bozos.


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