Gotta start packing! Wooohoo!

Here I am heads down on my project, not anywhere NEAR being finished with this stuff (or even started?), and yet I need to start packing for my trip tomorrow. I'm leaving at 6:40 p.m. for London, then staying at the Hilton Dockside (there was a deal for Symbian attendees). It should be a busy couple days. Monday night will be Rafe's All About Symbian bash, then all day at the show on Tuesday, then Tuesday night is the Mobitopian Meetup, then Wednesday all day at the show then I'm on a flight home that night. Whew! It's going to be great.

I guess it's alright now to tell everyone that I got comped a ticket to the show in exchange for the Symbian ad that's on Mobitopia. (Thanks David!!!) I'm still paying for the flight and hotel, but I probably wouldn't have been able to go if I had to pay the cost of the conference itself. I'm very, very happy about it. (Blogging rules). The reason I hadn't said anything until now is that they didn't want to get inundated with requests and asked me not to say anything until the show.

And before anyone says it, no, this isn't a Microsoft Mobius type thing. Symbian isn't buying me out by sending me a free plane ticket, hotel, and giving me a shitload of gadgets in order to sway my opinion. Symbian comped me a ticket to the conference only AND requested that I put up an ad for them as well (i.e. quid-pro-quo). The rest is my dime. But it doesn't matter since I think Symbian ROCKS anyways, so they'll be preaching to the choir really. ;-)

Since London is VERY WiFied it should be easy to connect with my laptop. Telefonica Movistar generally suuucks so I question how well roaming will work on my phone, especially since I'm pre-pay but we'll see. I'm sure the conference will tap out all available GPRS lines, so I won't even think about connecting that way, but hopefully the center will have WiFi for a reasonable price and I can Live Blog from the event.

Woohoo! I'm going to London! I haven't been there for about five years. It should be fun. Hopefully I don't get run over. They have those helpful "Look RIGHT" signs painted on the streets next to all the curbs, but old habits die hard. You haven't really visited London unless you've almost been clipped by a passing cab... ;-)


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