No, I�m actually not in the air, but in the airport. I just popped a euro into one of these Internet kiosks and am now furiously typing before my money runs out. This is sort of a different type of blogging experience. I have 6 minutes for my money and there�s this countdown bar at the top of the screen... this isn�t blogging, it�s a video game! Wooohoo! It�s like a typing test, can I get all the info I want to out in time? :-)

The airport in this section is virtually empty. I�m used to leaving from Madrid on flights to the U.S. These inter-Europe flights aren�t nearly as crammed to the brim like my cheapo flights back home it seems. I�m flying on AirEuropa and it�s going to take me an usually long time to arrive. I hope it�s not a puddle jumper plane!

Then I arrive in London at 8 p.m. and have to get to my hotel and back into the center for Rafe�s get together... it should be a hectic evening. I hope I make it.

Okay... times almost up ... 1 minute 18 seconds left!

It takes longer to blog than it seems! I should put one of these on my machine at home, I�d save a bunch of time!


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