Using your Nokia 3650/7650 as a GPRS Modem

David, the Symbian god that he is, emailed me with the instructions on how to use my 3650 as a GPRS modem:


Connecting over GPRS is really simple. You need to set up the GPRS APN you want to use in your 3650. Then on your PC use as a dial string
ATDT *99#

Now if you continue connecting over CSD, you may want to be sure that you choose the speed best suited to your use. If your network supports HSCSD you could use it for instance. Also V.110 is faster to connect if supported by your access point. See all the variations of init strings in the attached scripts that I edited. It's for Mac OS X, but just look at the init strings and use the one you want in your PC config.

br -d

I'm not going to put the file he attached here online, but just note that you can play with the AT commands that are being sent to the phone to optimize the speed.

VERY VERY cool. Thanks David!

By the way, in my quest for mobile connectivity today, I stopped into a Vodafone shop to see about the Remote Access PCMCIA card they're advertising. They wanted 259� for the card, PLUS 20� to sign up for GPRS AND it was just standard GPRS charges, so you had buy pre-paid bonos (credits) to use the system as well. Wow! I'll pass on that, thanks... Neat idea, flip out an antenna from your PC and get on the net from anywhere, hotspot or no, but I'll hold off for those prices. Maybe if I was getting 3G-level speeds, I'd go for the convenience of the PCMCIA card, but at that price I'll just use Bluetooth and my phone. The phone's in my pocket, the Bluetooth card barely sticks out of my PC, no problem. Same thing, less money. ;-)


Later... The next day and I actually couldn't get this to work. DoH! It did something though. ;-) Once I figure it out I'll post it here.

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