What Mobile Services NOT to target for the 'Third Screen'

Here's an article about Sprint and Yahoo's new partnership where Yahoo will be providing a package of online services to Sprint's mobile customers including Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Sports, News, Finance, Calendar, Address Book and Weather.

"Customers tell us the color display on the PCS Phone is quickly becoming the third screen in their lives for communicating as well as accessing information and entertainment. Clearly, Yahoo understands the value of extending its services to this third screen and has created a online experience that fits in hand. Sprint and Yahoo are expanding the ways customers communicate nationwide by making it possible to access online services without being tied to the computer," said Chip Novick, vice president of consumer marketing for the PCS Division of Sprint.

Two very quick thoughts:

1) If you're thinking about doing online services for mobile devices, stay away from PIM stuff. It's incredibly low-hanging fruit and being done. IMP stuff as well (Instant Messaging and Presence).

2) "Third Screen?!?!" That's an interesting take on mobile technology. Symbian's CEO talked about "phone vision" which was a similar concept of the applications in your hand... Wild to see these guys work it. No one *gets* it though. We need a Steve Jobs to explain it to us. "Third Screen" and "Phone Vision" just aren't it.


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