Palm Execs Love The 3650 Too... (who doesn't?)

The last paragraph in this summary of the PalmSource conference over at made me grin an evil grin:

Michael Mace [PalmSource�s Chief Competitive Officer] continues to impress me as an avid researcher. When I pulled out my new Nokia 3650 smartphone, he immediately started talking about what he thought of Symbian OS and what he found about this handset. After using my 3650, I had to believe that Michael had tested this unit himself to gain the hands-on knowledge. I do imagine sometimes if Michael Mace has a dark dungeon somewhere in PalmSource�s building in Sunnyvale, where all the newest gadgets hang on the walls or are hooked up to some testing machines.

No doubt he gets to play with all the latest toys... but I'm sure the Symbian stuff is giving him little twitches and small doubts that come to him in the middle of the night, "Damn... am I going to have a job in a year?"



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