My Progress

Francois pinged me via IM tonight and asked me how I was doing and how the "big project" was coming along. Answer? Slowly. But not in that "slowly" meaning that it's being put off, just slowly in that I've been dealing with non-computer issues such as finding a place to work, and traveling, etc. Things are starting to move along.

Two weeks ago I quit my job in part to focus on the development of mobile internet services. The idea is to work on some of the ideas I've had and throw them online to see what sticks. There's really nothing I'm working on that I haven't written about here, actually, I'm a one-trick pony like that. The goal is to see what happens - if I can somehow make a business of these projects, I think that would rock. If not (and most likely not), then the stuff that's online will serve as a live example of my work in the mobile area to use to find work as a consultant, or if all else fails, as an employee at some cool mobile-tech focused company.

But I'm not just slapping stuff online (just yet - I'm getting to the frustration point of just going back to old habits). I'm trying to concentrate on the tools that will be in demand in the industry (read: XML, Cocoon, J2ME, Symbian, Jabber) and on areas where I can do something interesting and unique. I'm also constantly thinking about how to make the stuff I'm doing scalable so that 10s of millions of mobile phone users could play with it without having problems - or at the minimum, how a bunch of people could access the service with just the hardware I'm using now. :-)

Anyways, I've filled up a dozen outline documents of different ideas - gone off in a bunch of different directions before coming back and focusing on a much smaller area so as to get something up and running *soon*. Then I'll learn from that and expand as I can. It's really a learning process from every angle - technology, business, personal. And it's all just getting started. Imagine how mind blowing it's been for me for the past week or so to not having divide my mind up into "work" and "personal projects". I'm now focused 24 hours a day on the same thoughts. It took me a day or so just to organize my brain around what I was doing and how.

So anyways that's where I'm at. My blogging is definitely suffering a bit as I concentrate my efforts on other things, but I'm a "daily poster" so you'll see at least a few thoughts from me here every 24 hours or so.

And that's this one's for today. ;-)


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