First Day in The Office


So this morning I went to meet up with Alex Wit who emailed me last week and offered me use of one of the spare offices at for the next couple of weeks. I showed up today and it was great!!! A small quiet little room set off from the rest of the folk in the office with a desk and a chair AND A WINDOW! (You'll remember how much I loved my windows seat from a few months ago before the bastards took it away from me *ahem* sorry.) Now I have my own little office with a window. Yes! Very very conducive to getting some serious work done. :-) Seriously, all I was expecting was a small dark corner somewhere where I could concentrate, but this is sooooo much cooler. For a short time, but still. I'm enjoying it while it lasts. :-)

Alex got my name because he was one of the founders of DooYoo and worked with Stefan Smalla who saw my plea for office space a week or so ago and emailed Alex to see if he could hook me up with some space and Alex did! And if I actually want the room, I can rent it later on at a very reasonable price. Very VERY cool.

So, thanks VERY much to Alex! And thanks to Stefan for recommending me. It was a really nice surprise.

Now - here's the thing. I haven't actually SPOKEN to anyone about what I'm doing. At least not in English (Alex is half Dutch, half Chilean and spent years in school in the U.S. so his English is perfect). I'm not sure if he got the idea of what I was trying to do (does anyone? ;-) ) because I don't have my elevator pitch down at all.

I'll have to work on that. It's so important to be able to explain your idea in one sentence and elabarate in less than 30 seconds.


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