Another Day in Paradise

It's Summer in Spain. As much as I bitch about Madrid weather, I really, really like Summer here. The past few weeks have been gorgeous and today is no different. It can get hot, but I'll NEVER complain about the heat. Cold, rain and grey makes me nuts... sunshine always makes me happy. I should move to Phoenix. ;-)

So I woke up at 7:40 a.m. today - Ana was showering and Alex decided it was time. Urgh. But then he had his bottle and enjoyed his Teletubbies while I checked my emails and blogs and downloaded the latest versions of JSTL and Struts to check out later today when I'm without internet. My Mother-in-Law has just arrived to take care of Alex and I'm heading down to to hang out in my office working on my stuff for the day.

Ahhhh. Awesome. If only this was all reversed and it was midnight. I'm so much more productive at midnight. Yes, I like sun, but I like being outdoors on a hammock sleeping in the shade of it, having it all around me. Nightime's for hacking. ;-)


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