Borland's Looking for a J2ME QA Person

I just got an email from Scott Simmons, a recruiter at Borland:

... I am searching for a J2ME expert to do QA work for a new Mobile project we have here at Borland. My search string pulled up your web site which is how I found you. ... I have enclosed a job description of the position. Once you have a chance to review, please let me know if there is any one that I should contact regarding the job or forward the attachment to their attention directly which ever you feel more comfortable with is fine with me.

Sounds pretty cool to me. I'm not a good fit for this position at all, but someone who reads this blog might be. Email me if you're interested and I'll foward you Scott's email with the Word doc. Here's a bit from the job description:

The Successful candidate will join a mid-sized team as a Sr. QA Engineer in the JBuilder product team. JBuilder is the market-leading Java development environment for building pure Java applications, applets, JSP/Servlets, JavaBeans, EJB, and distributed CORBA applications for the Java 2 platform. Candidate will be focused on Mobile solutions and will be responsible for testing mobile areas of JBuilder IDE�s and it�s interaction with mobile application development protocols, tools and SDK�s; and writing, building, debugging and deploying mobile applications and verifying the functionality of each of these aspects of application development.

Pretty damn cool.


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