ActiveMail: A definite for your 3650

So I'm offline most of the day now and I just downloaded a great application called ActiveMail that I'm now using to check email and it works pretty great. For some reason the default POPMail client on my 3650 doesn't automatically check my email account. Probably as a guarentee against massive GPRS charges. So what ActiveMail does is every 15 minutes, connects and checks your account just like your regular desktop email client. And if you get an email, it'll alert you (you can choose the tone).

Works like a charm. I feel very, very connected again. If I get an email or a comment on my blog, I know about it within a few minutes wherever I am. Spam sucks, of course, but Spam Assassin is doing a decent job so I only have to deal with it a few times a day now. It does suck PAYING for Spam, but it's worth it.

I should say that when I say "works like a charm" I don't mean that there couldn't be A LOT of improvements. First, the menu and options are really hard to understand - menus within menus and odd setup features. THEN after all that, it's hard to turn off. You can't just go into the app and say "I'm home now, no more alerts" you have to navigate through all those menus again until you find the schedule you set up and deactivate it. Another thing is that there are THREE places to put your alert in the application, schedule, notification and email... I have NO idea why this is - I finally shut everything off except for the Scheduled alert and that works like expected. The final thing is the most weird. When you finally do get a new email - it alerts you and you have to say "cancel" and then it doesn't actually bring you into the Inbox so you can read it!!! Urgh. If the Inbox isn't open I have to navigate through 4 levels to find it. Doh! Definitely lots of room for improvement.

I'm using the 30 day trial right now and probably won't be buying the application unless there's a serious rev sometime soon. But if you want your 3650 to be more like a Blackberry, then you definitely should download this app and try it out.



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