Mobsites and Mobpages and Mobservices

When describing what I'm doing I feel weird saying a "website" because that give the impression that I'm creating stuff to be used by a normal web browser. Those will be used as well, but the stuff I'm doing is mostly aimed at mobile phones. I'm trying to get to the point where it's going to be easy to create and consume content on your phone.

So instead, I'm going to start using the term "mobsite." I admit I have vested interest in the name "mob" being used widely and casually, but I think it's actually not bad. I guess "mobisite" could be good too. So if I'm creating a mobsite, what's in it? Mobpages of course. If I access my site from a J2ME application using XML-RPC, what am I using? Mobservices.

Now, I guess you could be a language lawyer and say that nothing about the word "web" implies desktop applications. That's true... but most people nowadays will associate the two words together. So, if you're doing the same thing, except for mobile devices, swap out "web" for "mob" and you're all set.

Just my first thought as I start my morning. :-)


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