Massive Headache


I'm trying to get started this morning... I woke up with a massive headache (sinus? allergies? migraine? brain tumor?) so I popped a bunch of Excedrin and am now in this weird no-zone where I can detect that the pain in my brain is still there, but it doesn't actually hurt AND where my knee is bopping up and down like a jackhammer. It's not particuarly conducive to work.

But that's alright - I'm off to the JavaExpo again at 12:30 with Anil. I bought another copy of MGS Karting for my 3650 so that we can play against each other using Bluetooth while in boring sessions (he's got a 3650 as well). Being in the same area as another 3650 is really showing me lots you can do with the phones in close proximity. It really rules.

The link above? Uh, well. It's just cool. It's a song/video that's being played here in Europe by Junior Senior and it's pretty great. Seeing the video on television is awesome - brings you back to my good old day's of graphics with my TRS-80 Color Computer. :-) I've seen the video several times and loved it and just the other day I heard the song and wanted to see the vid again, but

I've never seen before... Great logo, great site. I'll have to add their blog link to my aggregator.


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