Don't Resend Me (DRM)

Two interesting bits of news just popped up over the past day, first, ARM is adding security with Palladium-style DRM protections to its chip cores starting next year. Also, Nokia has released their Mobile Internet Toolkit (which I talked about a few weeks ago) but what I didn't mention was the DRM part which came with it called the Content Developer's Toolkit which allows adding use-restrictions to content and apps.

DRM doesn't jazz me at all, so I won't get into it, but it's interesting to see this stuff is quickly coming to the mobile world. Actually, I'm sorta suprised it hasn't been more integrated all along in efforts by ARM and Symbian. The thing about it is that there's no recourse against this stuff because of how tightly integrated mobile devices are and how big the players are. Once it arrives, it'll be here for good.

Check out Rafe's very good editorial on the subject over at All About Symbian for more details on the Nokia effort.

The 3650 already has some annoying un-functionality along these lines already, which is why if you have that phone you need a copy of the Open Source program called Forward by Ashley Montanaro which will allow you to resend anything in your Series 60 Inbox. This is usually disabled for any message that contains an attachment (like files sent from your own computer to your phone).

Enjoy it while it lasts...


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