ADM Latency Tester


Anil has put his J2ME Latency Tester online and was hoping to get a bunch of people to try it out. It's written in generic J2ME so you can try it on any phone, and what it does is ping a server and then detect how long it actually took the *phone* to work by tracerouting the ping and subtracting all the time except from the phone to the original gateway. (If I understand it correctly).

Anil's doing this because latency is super important for his J2ME-based Pong game called iPing uPong, however, he's publishing the results here so you can see the data and use it for your projects as well.

Sadly, it looks like my beloved Nokia 3650 has really, really crappy networking times. If you've got a J2ME phone from anywhere in the world, you should try it out so we can see what the deal is with the networking on the phones. You can download it via your phone by WAPing to



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