MMS Photo Expo

Abel sent me an email to this blurb in El Mundo about the part of the annual photo expo they have here in Madrid doing an open-air display of photos sent by MMS. You can even win a Nokia 7250.

I was going to say wonderful things about this because it's very innovative both from a marketing and art perspective. But because these IDIOTS only use Flash for their website (not even a "sorry you have to use Flash page), I had to use Internet Explorer to view it (because I'm not dumb enough to have Flash installed on Mozilla). Then as I'm browsing around of course, they had a pop-up advertisement that TOOK OVER MY ENTIRE SCREEN and wouldn't let go. Neither escape nor F11 worked and I was groping for control-F4 when I was finally given permission to use my own computer again. ASSHOLES.

I HATE FLASH. I HATE INTERNET EXPLORER. I HATE SPANISH WEB DESIGNS. God, how fucking user hostile can you possibly be? I can't BELIEVE people still use that piece of shit browser. And I don't care what you possibly say, user interfaces in Flash SUCK. ALWAYS. If you use Flash as a principal user interface, you have to be a clueless fucking idiot. There's nothing worse in the world than trying to decipher moving, gyrating widgets created with 2 pixels high fonts by a team of of underpaid web designers with nothing else better to do with their time.



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