C8H10N4O2 and Me

Did I mention that I've cut off the caffeine? Or at least cut waaaay back?

I was having a double espresso in the morning at home, a extra-large "cafe americano" from Starbucks with my muffin, then a coffee after lunch, then a Espresso Frappucino in the afternoon and at least one or two diet Cokes during the day as well. It was WAAAY too much and I "flipped" where each cup would actually make me more tired, not the reverse. Well, tired, but I could also feel my heart beating like a hamster's. It was probably the reason for my massive headache the other day as well...

Thus I cut it off on Friday. Caffeine free for 3 days. Well, almost, one of my cold medicine's has caffeine in it which I didn't realize. That's okay though, probably helped me come down a bit easier.

I like my coffee buzz... I can't wait until I get the monkey off my back and can start having my morning coffee again.


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