Almost a year

So I'm closing in on a year of using my own software to write this blog. Yeah, MiniBlog is almost a year old, can you believe it? It actually doesn't look much like it did then, but much of the code is the same. I'm going to go with another rev pretty soon, actually - it's on the list. The ever growing, never shrinking list of things I'll do.

The reason this is significant is that once I started using my own code and my own database, I started posting daily... before that I was blogging, but hadn't started doing it seriously. Once I had my own system up and running, I felt a lot better about using it (Geek's Guilt, you know you get it too) and started writing a lot more. I never thought I'd be still posting daily a year later and have thousands of readers a month. It's pretty wild. Hmmm. I probably should have saved this post for the big day (which is on June 23rd). Well, I'll go into again more then. This is post number 1332, by the way, and I've also had 1929 comments. I'd love a way of counting the number of words/characters... anyone know a MySQL query for that?

So I've slowed down the blogging lately. Less stream of conciousness stuff. Down to basically a post a day, only so I don't lose the habit (which I think is a good habit) but that blog urge I had a while ago seems to be disapating a bit. I'm not sure why... I think it's because I'm working for myself now and every moment that I'm on a blog I'm not being productive, not that I'm being productive all the time I'm not blogging, but it's a guilt thing. It's silly. Blogging is easy and fun and doesn't take that much time.

I've been fucking off in the chat room lately. Like the Mobitopia site itself, it was really great at the beginning and now it's starting to taper off as we get more lurkers and less talkers. Unlike the effort you make via blogging, all that typing and effort in IRC is very effemeral. It's debatable the quality and what you learn from the conversations, really. We've spent more time screwing with the IRC bot I think than actually debating mobile tech...

Anyways... that's it for today, I think. We turned on the A/C today. Ripped some tubing out of the wall and redirected it to a bucket on top of a table so Alex can't get to it. It's niiiice and cool now. I like the heat, but it gets hard to type when you're sweating on the keyboard.



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