Our New Son


A week in the nursery, despite being somewhat difficult on the whole family has had an incredible effect on Alex. Seriously. He's walking now, not toddling. He's sleeping a lot better (the stress we think). And the most incredible? He's eating!! My goodness, getting our kid to eat has always been a battle. Some days are better than others, but for the most part he's been a challenge. Suddenly, this weekend he just eats! My goodness... who is this kid? :-)

I wonder what they *did* to him? ;-) Just kidding, he most likely saw other children eating and learned - just like he did with the walking. He can stand, stop and turn midflight now... it's quite impressive.

He's also got some teeth now as well, 2 on top and two on the bottom, which is making him even more cuter. Suddenly we have a little boy in the house... it's a nice change.


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