Flash on Nokia 3650 is Coming


Since we're all about to get bombarded with Java news, (I think the new java.net is pretty damn neat, actually) I figured I'd post this before it gets lost in the shuffle. Flash on the 3650 is coming and coming "soon". Info about it seems to be lost in an NDA world, but whispering voices and odopod confirm that it's arriving shortly. I think it's going to make a huge impact, really, but I'll wait to play with it before I get too excited.

Concerning Flash for Mobiles in general, there's a lively discussion going in blog space right this minute. Tom Hume asked some intelligent questions yesterday, which Pete Barr Watson was happy to answer, and Tom has a follow up today.

Cool beans. Best comment of all? Pete said, "If DoCoMo have seen the potential of Flash on handsets, then it's only a matter of time before Nokia and the others do in my opinion..."

That makes perfect sense to me, if not Nokia, then the Telecoms as well...


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