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Early reports from JavaOne make it sound like it's going to be a good conference. Lots of energy, etc. I'm currently watching the Live Webcasts which will be from the keynotes all week. I wish I found it earlier, but they just revamped all the sites and I'm still working my way through them.

In case you *haven't* seen them yet, check out developer forum (weblogs, wiki, oss projects) and the the new consumer portal with some cool links to all things Java and finally, the JavaOne site has been redone as well.

Very exciting! It's great to be a Java developer right now! It's incredible, but Sun is actually responding to much of my bitching last Friday... I should have waited a week and saved my breath. ;-)

The video is amazing, by the way, *incredibly* clear... You can read the slides and everything. I didn't realize Real Video got this good! Cool.


P.S. We're in the #mobitopia IRC channel commenting on the presentation together. It makes it like you're there. ;-) Pass the popcorn, hey?

Update #2: Here's the video launch page. The Live streaming is over for today, but the keynote will be available on-demand at 3:30 p.m. PST. That's in an hour, woohoo!

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