I need a new machine

I've had it with this computer. It's getting slower and slower and more and more frustrating to use. It's a Dell Lattitude CPx 650Mhz P3 256MB RAM, 12GB of disk. It's positively ancient. It groans under what I consider "normal" workload now... MySQL, Eclipse, Orion Server, Mozilla, nntp//rss Aggregator, Bluetooth, Trillian, Nokia Phone and WAP Emulators.

However, as you know, I'm jobless so I need to find something better, more reliable (the keyboard is going on this box, giving me ulcers when I try to copy paste something and instead of pasting I get a 'v') yet it has to be *cheap*.

I'm kinda screwed though. Living in Spain means that all the laptops are 150%-200% of their prices in the U.S. and that all the keyboards are going to be in Spanish. Shipping a laptop in won't work because they'll nail it with taxes and import duties at customs. I don't want to buy a laptop sight-unseen... Urgh. Not good.

I can't afford a Mac, by the way, which is a shame, so it'll be another Windows machine. Which is fine since many of the dev kits I'm using will only run on Windows anyways.

I guess I'll go down to the store tomorrow and see what they have and for how much. Urgh.

Life's little challenges.


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