Mobile Cluefulness

I read this post by James over at the MMS Memo (which you need to add to your daily Mobile news readings if you haven't):

Xeni Jardin get the photo blogging bug but needs to get herself a Nokia 3650. I think she also needs to rethink her view on what photo blogging is all about.

"Each of the phonecams I've demoed have been wildly frustrating in one way or another. Motorola's T722i add-on cam produces grainy thumbnails at best; image quality on Sanyo's 8100 (Sprint) is teh suck in all but bright light conditions. Until those megapixel phonecams hit America, mobile photobloggers might be better off combining a good, small digital camera like the Pentax Optio S with a wireless PDA for uploads and text captions."

Forget about megapixels Xeni, photoblogging is about capturing visuals of life and sharing them in real time with the greatest of ease. It's not about high quality artistic compositions.

Xeni's name has popped up recently in quite a few areas... I don't know who the hell she is, but I agree with James, she's pretty clueless about photoblogging/moblogging,etc. Check out my post earlier from the pool for proof.

Here's my first thought: If you live in the U.S. and are talking about mobile technologies you probably don't have a fucking clue. Accept it. Well... I guess maybe if you work for Qualcomm or Moto (maybe) or one of the carriers, you *might* get it. But you probably don't. Sorry.


(It's getting late. I'm getting grumpy)

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