While I was setting up my Bluetooth connection this past weekend, I did a search from my computer to pair with my phone and I found both it and another device called "chino". That means "Chinese" in Spanish, though I also have a friend name Theo Chino as well, so it could be just a surname.

I have *no* idea where this came from. I don't know whether it was from another phone or another computer. Wait - yes I do, I just checked again and it's a phone icon, though I can't connect to it from my phone (I was going to send them a picture of me just to freak 'em out...).

Somewhere within 10 meters of me there's someone with a device oddly named Chino.

I don't know why this strikes me as so amusing... as Bluetooth becomes more popular and more and more phones support it, this sort of thing will happen more and more. But still... I've yet to find a WiFi spot in the wild here in Madrid (I've looked), but I'm bumping into unknown Bluetooth devices from my living room.

By the way, the name of *my* phone is that way anyone who discovers my phone, discovers my site... I did that first at the Symbian conference as a sort of virtual wireless billboard and I've just kept it. Most of the time my Bluetooth is off to save battery so I don't worry about the privacy issues of it... Except now I'm at home it's on... Hmm. Maybe Chino knows ALL about me! And he's RIGHT OUTSIDE THE DOOR!

Okay... changing my phone name. :-)


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