Blogging For Profit

I can't believe it, but I've "earned" over $35 in less than 24 hours already from Google Ads. Every once in a while I go to check the numbers and sure enough, there's more hits. Here's what it looks like today (the results are broken down into days):

Friday, June 27, 2003 [2:42 PM GMT-1]

Impressions Clicks Clickthrough rate Your earnings
371 20 5.4% $6.34

I'm totally flabbergasted. I had no idea that I could actually earn money off this website... Since I was doing this anyways, this is just free money to me. And it's also a hell of incentive to write more, no? More posts = more subjects = more hits from Google. This is all good.

What I've done here (though its technically against the TOS since the ads are for Mobitopia) is to add the ad links to the pages that come up via searches from Google. I get about 150+ referrers daily from Google and they're all looking for something specific. Many times I may not have what they're looking for, many times not, but the Google Ads might be perfect for them since they're context sensitive.

This is nuts. It'll be *very* fun to see what happens in the coming month. Will the click-through rates hold? Will the ad rates stay so high? Will Google bust me? Time will tell. It'd be very cool to pay for my server right from this weblog alone, believe me.


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