It's been a while since I just quoted another blog without much comment, but here goes. I got this from Erik just now. It caused deeeeep belly laughs:

Java I/O Sucks Goat Ass

I've said it before, and I'll say it 'till I loose my voice: I fucking hate Java I/O. All I want to do is get all the contents of whatever's in a stream, a reader, buffer, or whatever the hell else I have a handle on. Can I just call something like the below:

String contents = new File("somefile.txt").getAllMyShit();

Of course the fuck not! I have to keep track of byte arrays, char arrays, or some stupid ass shit in a while block. I just want the God damned content, I don't care how the JDK gets it out of there.

OK, I feel better now.

Oh my goodness, what a laugh. I *love* that method name. I may add one tonight just so I can laugh everytime I look at it. Man, I feel better too...


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