Free GPRS For Me


I have no idea *why* it's happening, but I finally figured *what* is happening and I like it. What I'm talking about is this - a few months ago, my mobile operator Telefonica Movistar sent me 30� out of the blue. I got an SMS message saying my pre-pay account had been recharged for that amount. I had no idea exactly why. Being a loyal customer it said. Then a month or so later, another 30�! Hey, cool! Then it skipped a month, and then I got two in a row.

But the last one I got, I finally figure it out - every time I buy a 20MB GPRS credit at the beginning of the month (which costs 30�), Movistar has been giving it BACK to me at the end of the month. Why? Like I said, I have *no* idea, but at least now it's not such a mystery.

My only guess is that they are trying to prime the GPRS pump by giving it away for now to the highest usage users. But it was such a delay that I didn't realize it for 3 months! In all of Spain, I bet you there are still only a few hundred pre-pay GPRS users who buy the 20MB credit, so for now I'm getting it free-o-charge. I am, of course, going forth and spreading the word about how great GPRS is, so I'm sure it's worth it to them.

Very cool. This month's time is just about up (I've only used about 4MB of my alotment!), so I'll just buy another credit for July and roll it over to next month... we'll see how long this lasts before Telefonica closes the spigot.

Wooohooo! Free GRPS for me!


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